This is a concept for a mecha suit, if it were designed in 1914-1918. Needless to say such technology was unthinkable for the time. However I find the design is visually satisfying and true to the time.
These are mech designs, or rather more mech paint job designs for my World War One mech design project. The paint jobs are based of paint designs of early fighter airplanes of the time. These designs represent the French Republic, the German Empire and the Brithish Empire. Also the style of the mechs helmets hints to their origins.
My first attempt of bringing in mood and to make the mech design into a concept art piece. I started out with some thumbnails and fully developed the one I liked best. The others are also here to see.
The Schutzengel-mech in the fire storm.
The Schutzengel-mech on the lookout for survivors in No-Mans-Land.
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