Tic-Tac is one of the first characters I designed for my Bionic Proletarian Series. There Isn't really much to say about how I designed her. I just whent along with how I felt, What color palet might suit a person fighting their way throug the wacky 2120es. The proccess was more of a self-makebeleave, some sort of roleplaying in my mind. And all the sudden there she was. After that I started drawing her in more action poses and doing some of her day to day stuff.
So here is Tic-Tac eating CorpO's and watching 20th century cartoons.
Tic-Tac chilling at the bar and a front nand back pose for easy reference.
"Anyway...I started blasting!"
This is the first drawing and artwork of TIc-Tac
Some impressions of the comic I'm working on...
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