In 2023 I went a little bugfuck on the character-world-building-end of my mind. Over the entire year I started coming up with a whole host of different characters to populate a cyperpunk city in a society at the very latest stage of global capitalism. The funny thing (at leat funny for me) my favorite character of the whole bunch is the one I came up with first, in January of 2023. This one is called Tic-Tac. I dont know why her skin is blue. Maybe because she can choose her own pigmentation because her blood is so highly infused with nanobots that buld up the pigmentation as she chooses too program it. who knows for sure.
These two are called Cajsa (left) and Lola (right). Cajasa is vat-grown ex-military and mostly synthetic. I wouldn't mess with her and her hyper-shotgun. Losa is a streetwise rockstar and way more chill. Still, I wouldn't mess with her either.
Tungsten (left), for her frends Tux, Is a all round party- and sim-fiend with a love for slag-blades. Eve (right) just works at the car loading station. For her, life is just normal day-to-day shit but she still got herself concelable dart launcher in her synthetic arm because she thought it was cool. It is cool!
This is Maria. She's just generally mad all the time. Symptoms of the time I guess.
Pax (left) is a gear junky and just generaly a constantly board psychopath. They dont like to show their face and spends all their dough on chrome. The other one (right) just goes by Demonstar. She had got herself an insectoid brain expansion implant a while back and is rockin' two extra arms these days. Only problem is that the implant is doning a number on her humanity. there is no denying that.
Luca (left) sports a lot of synthetics and generally has good relationship with her parents. Hexa and Tetra (right) are both vat-grown. They are number six and four in their series. The others are probaby just doing something normal and arent street samurai.
I think Francis is telling us to "STICK EM' UP!" as diplomatically as she can.
Rosa (left) chilling at a local square. Officer NB30034 (middle) calling in to control. Frank (right) just looking drippy as fuck.
Jimmy (left,right) is everyones favorite uncle. A stand up and gentil guy, exept if you mess with is family. Another drawing of Tic-Tac (middle). You'll be seeing her around a lot more.
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